Warranties and Policies

The warranties and policies explained below may not be the same as the warranties and policies provided by some insurance providers, particularly providers who require that your eyewear be made in their lab or at a contracted lab. Examples are Spectera, Americhoice, Davis, VBA and VSP. Their policies are available upon request and will take precedence, for better or worse, over those of Dickson EyeHealth Center.*

Absolutely NO Frame or Lens is warranted if lost or stolen.

Patient Satisfaction: Our goal at Dickson EyeHealth Center is to provide you with the highest quality eyewear. Your glasses are made specifically for you with care and accuracy. If you are not happy with the frame you have selected, come back within thirty days and select a new one. However, you will be responsible for any difference in the cost of the frame. Because your lenses are made specifically for you they are neither returnable or reusable. They will not be reinserted into the new frame as this causes inaccuracies with your prescription and often times, aesthetic shortcomings. They will be remade at half off the original list price. If your  insurance company does not allow the altering of a frame, you will be responsible for all charges.

Doctor’s Changes of Prescription: any remakes due to a doctor’s change in prescription must be made within 90 days of your receipt of your glasses. This will be done at no charge if your prescription was written by Dr. D. Weiss, Dr. Janna Smith or Dr. L. Weiss. if your prescription was written by Dr. Close they will remade for 50% off the list price. Prescriptions written by any other doctor will remade for 30% off the list price. Remakes will only receive this discounts if they are remade in the same lens type and material and for the same frame.

Scratch Warranty: Scratch Resistant Coatings are available for all lenses. This does not make your lenses scratch proof. All polycarbonate, progressive (no-line bifocal), Transition and high index lenses are scratch coated and warranted at no additional charge. Lenses that are scratch coated have a one-year, one-time replacement warranty and will be only remade in the same prescription, lens type and material for the same frame. This warranty only applies to scratches incurred during normal wear and does not include lenses that are abused. Examples of abused lenses include but are not limited to: trampled under foot, run over by car, bitten by dog or other animal or dropped into rock, brick, gravel or concrete. Dickson EyeHealth Center reserves the right of determining whether lenses have been abused.

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating Warranty: Dickson EyeHealth Center chooses to use only the highest quality AR coatings for your lenses. Brands of AR coating may differ depending on the type of lens and lens material you have chosen. Lenses that are AR coated have a one-year, one-time replacement warranty and will be remade, for any reason, in the same prescription, lens type and material and for the same frame. If you are not satisfied with your AR coating your lenses will be remade in the same lens type, material, prescription and for the same frame without the AR coating. No refund will be given. We have found that certain substances are detrimental to the integrity of most AR coatings. These include, but are not limited to: some automotive chemicals and cleaners, paints, paint removers, acetones and hairsprays. Your AR coated lenses will still be warranted as described above if they come into contact with any of these substances.

2 for $99, $139 and $199 Warranty: Because of the deep discount offered in this special price, neither the frame nor the lenses carry any warranty. They are guaranteed to have an accurate prescription and to be free of defect at the time of dispensing.

* Depending on your vision insurance, their warranty and policy supercedes Dickson EyeHealth Center warranty and policy.